Saj in your words

We are very keen to get involved with Sajjad’s drive to address regulatory burdens. We hope we’ll able to bring a bit of influence to bear and act as a mouthpiece for local businesses seeking to compete in international markets.
Tony Raynor MD, Abbey Telecoms, Blackburn

Once again, many thanks for your support during what was, at times, a difficult arena to work in…but eventually the result the majority wanted has been achieved, even if done so by alleged issues about the emerging national regulatory framework for biomass requiring the developer to reconsider its position.
Cllr Ray Guselli, Barrow-in-Furness

it’s wonderful to hear that Sajjad is happy to support our campaign. We know that it’s only together that we can make change happen for victims of meningitis and their families, so having Sajjad as a Meningitis Champion for us is fantastic.
Harriet Marsh, Communications Manager, Meningitis Trust

Sajjad Karim really cuts the political mustard.
Conservative Home

I would like to sincerely thank you Sajjad and your team for the help and support you gave us, it meant a lot to us in a time of great distress when nobody else would listen to or help us.
Suzanne Daune

I wish to congratulate you on your work and achievements in Europe on behalf of small businesses. You are the only politician of any party I have come across in the last few years who seems to understand the real needs of SMEs. I actually make time to read what you send me rather than binning or deleting it.
Shaun Lewis, Director, Dunscar Garden Centre, Tarleton

Thank you for your most helpful letter about EU Accounting and Transparency Directives. As you rightly said, this is a very important subject and the sooner we can stamp out corruption and increase accountability and transparency (particularly in the developing world) the greater use can be made of aid (both international and personal) without this being syphoned off into the pockets of corrupt government officials. Many thanks, you are doing a wonderful job.
John Slee-Smith

Guide Dogs were delighted that Sajjad Karim MEP voted to make the installation of artificial noise generators mandatory on quiet hybrid and electric vehicles. The ability to hear electric vehicles is critical to the independence and freedom of movement of blind and partially sighted people in the UK, as well as other road users. Now it is up to individual member states to agree the regulation. We hope that MEPs will continue to support us by voicing our concerns about quiet vehicles to the UK Government.
Emma Allen-Taylor, Local Engagement Office, Guide Dogs

I am very pleased Sajjad opposes the secret vote on the budget cut – an appalling proposal that I hope is defeated.
Susan Peak, Ashton-under-Lyne

It has been a pleasure working with Sajjad. His support to our Trafford Councillors objecting to the Barton Incinerator has been invaluable. He has visited and listened to the community and the Breath Clean Air Group with compassion and empathy. Sajjad has even taken the time to see the proposed development site and shared our concerns, moreover making a public appeal to the community, calling for them to voice their concerns to the Inspector. Sajjad is a truly exceptional MEP, who has offered his continual support to both local councillors and our community.
Cllr Lisa Cooke, Trafford

It was a joy to meet Sajjad Karim my Member of the European parliament. He has the ability to see the bigger picture straight away and when he says he is going to ‘do something’ you instinctively know that he will be doing his best for you.
Mike Flynn, Director Alpha Pest Control Limited

On behalf of Birkenhead Conservative Ladies Luncheon Club, a very sincere thank you…The feedback – a mixture of emails, phone calls and calls over the weekend, was all complimentary. Members tell me that thanks to your good self they now have a much clearer understanding of the European situation overall. The other comment was, “please ask him back again”.
Pam Turner, Birkenhead

Thank you for sending me a copy of your latest email outlining the support you are giving to “cutting red tape”. Let me reiterate that I value what the MEPs are doing. The EU is a valuable institution and we should not turn our backs on it. We do need to be circumspect about our relationships and make sure regulation to which we subscribe address the essential interest of being part of a trading relationship and avoid those regulations that play to a political integration agenda.
Richard Soper, Ellesmere Port

Just to say wow!! thank you very much for your really quick and informative response. if you care so much about such a ‘small’ issue I feel very confident you are doing a great job as our MEP Thank you.
Laureen Smith

We would not have received such a positive outcome in such a short period of time without your tremendous help and support through this difficult time. My husband and I both appreciate your time and quick response and are very grateful for everything you have done for us.
Nargas Abdullah, Brierfield

Thank you so much for your reply and your support over the proposed control over e-cigarettes both are greatly appreciated.
Alec Sillifant, on behalf of Read Cricket and Bowling Club

I would to pass on my thanks to Sajjad Karim on his response to our request to support funding bids, this has been excellent news for the club. We will of course accept any assistance he can further provide in obtaining additional funding.
Howard Marks, Read Cricket and Bowling Club

Dear Sajjad, I am pleased to see that you are working well on our behalf. I am particularly pleased to se that you share my concerns relating to the dumping of perfectly good fish back into the sea. The public at large should be made to understand that there is more to the benefits of eating fish than just choosing Cad, Haddock, Salmon and Tuna and we must get used to eating other abundant species.
Cllr Bryan Craig, Carlisle