Vote UKIP - Get Miliband

Writing for Parliament's magazine, The House, Sajjad outlines why UKIP supporters should vote Conservative.

The overwhelming majority of UKIP voters are honest, decent citizens concerned with matters such as loss of national identity, EU interference and immigration. But they are let down by a leadership that consists of bigoted Little Englanders hell bent on one policy and nothing to replace it with.

The problem for the Conservatives is that the media has something of a love affair with this party and that leads to no scrutiny of its policy and the bar for its representatives is so very low.

If any of my elected colleagues admitted going to a strip club with a French MEP who stood in the Presidential elections, he would have been hounded. Yet when Farage announces this on the BBC the presenters just laugh it off as ‘beer and fags’ Nigel and he's off the hook.

What does UKIP want to do about schools or the environment? Will it keep the NHS or ditch HS2? Nobody knows because every question asked is answered with an attack on Europe.

Our job is to expose this ragbag of individuals for what they are. Show the British people that UKIP MEPs draw a public salary and yet hardly turn up to work. When they do they often vote against British interests and more often or not are exceptionally rude in their speeches, particularly about people we want to build friendships and alliances with. Remember, we trade more with Belgium than India. Yes we must do more deals with India but we shouldn’t be crossing the road to annoy our neighbours either.

It is the Conservatives who have the only viable policy on Europe. The three R’s will resonate with the electorate but it may take time. The first two R’s have begun. We are the party that is undergoing a massive REVIEW of the EU relationship. We have national and international support for the PM’s drive to REFORM and when a new treaty can be agreed we get the REFERENDUM so many desire.

Yet UKIP don’t want a referendum they just want out.

We must keep the tone measured and focussed on specifics. Keep pushing them on how UKIP will fund this promise or pay for that promise. As with Labour, don't be surprised if the answer is to mutter something about "rich bankers", a topic upon which UKIP is rather expert.

We have to provide leadership to disaffected voters on immigration, ever-creeping EU rules and regulations and loss of national identity. We need to demonstrate that we understand issues people care about and are taking action, reassuring and ‘love bombing’ electors back into the blue corner.

We have to take our message that the work is well underway to the doorstep. We have launched a revolution in schools and we’re bringing fairness to a benefit system that Labour left unfit for purpose. The results are starting to show - the economy is growing and the deficit is down. We are cutting red tape both here and in Europe to help our businesses and stimulate growth. We have a great story to sell not least our pragmatic approach to European reform that will put the final decision in the hands of the British people.

Let's be clear, the outcome of next year's European Parliamentary election will impact on the 2015 General election. British electors will use their vote as a judgement on our national performance. Farage has said he expects his party to cause an "earthquake" in British politics, go on to win the Euro elections and then "have a serious talk about realigning British politics".

It may be a cliché but is it is very true that the best way to get Ed Miliband in power is to vote UKIP.