The time has come for Mubarak to go

Speaking in the European Parliament in Brussels, Sajjad Karim expressed his concerns regarding the situation in both Tunisia and Egypt.

Catherine Ashton, the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs earlier in the week had failed to clearly call for President Mubarak to resign.

As the situation continues to deteriorate with new riots and confrontations in several cities, including the capital, Sajjad said that this moment has been a long time coming and called upon the EU to send a clear message that courage and vision are required. Stability has been wrongly valued above freedom.

“This is being led by both the old and those who have known nothing other than Mubarak in Egypt, our response has been to say Egypt should not to be destabilised any further than it is and the people of Egypt to be delivered a government of their choice through their free will. That's right but it's not enough"

"From the floor of the house today I hear calls of warnings of an Islamic tsunami that is waiting to come and destroy us all. But all you do by putting forward those arguments is to argue for a totalitarian regime, placing no value on those people who have paid their lives fighting for the freedom in Tunisia an Egypt."

“Events in the streets of Cairo and Egypt's other cities have shown that in six days of rage, Egyptians overcame their fears, broke with the old ways and made a glorious, chaotic yet purposeful lunge for a future full of hope for all.”

“The High Representative must the "have strength in her stride and send a clear message "Mubarak must go now".