Supporting campaign to end transportation of live animals

Sajjad Karim is supporting the Compassion in World Farming’s campaign to end the export of live animals from the EU.

Along with a number of his colleagues in the European Parliament he has had his photograph taken with the CWF sign to demonstrate support.

When animals leave the EU they are no longer protected by EU law, and so often face brutal treatment.

Their journeys end in countries where they are unprotected by EU law, and  investigations have shown that they often suffer extremely inhumane treatment.

Each year, millions of live farm animals around the world are transported thousands of miles for slaughter, or to places where they will be fattened for slaughter.

This trade is a worldwide phenomenon. In North and South America, Australia and Europe, animals often have to endure journeys across vast distances before long voyages at sea to reach their final destination.

Compassion in World Farming are calling for the end of all long distance live transport. They want animals to be fattened and slaughtered as close as possible to their place of birth and live transport of animal for slaughter to be replaced by a trade in meat.

They are fighting for: