Support for honesty for all who want Postal Votes

Sajjad’s comments regarding postal vote fraud in Lancashire, particularly Pendle, have been supported by other politicians. Local and national media have given the issue considerable coverage including local Pendle newspaper, the Nelson Leader.

It’s clear that highlighting the issue has had a positive feedback with many electors reassured by this support plus a visible Police presence in areas of Brierfield and Nelson at the end of the week as postal ballot papers were being delivered by Royal Mail, who were also briefed to be vigilant.

Advice and support on completing your postal vote is available from the local council and  any allegations will looked into by the Police.

In drawing attention to this issue at a crucial time in the General Election and local campaigns, Saj is optimistic that everyone who wanted to have a postal vote is able to use their vote according to their own free will.

Commenting he said:

“Based upon the materials I have seen there is sufficient evidence for Lancashire Police to open an investigation. Once again we are seeing that certain political activists are abusing their positions and using their standing to twist election processes and potentially results.

Let’s be very clear, they are committing fraud on a certain community through sophisticated highly organised tactics which include intimidation and a flagrant abuse of election laws.It is not the community that is commiting this fraud, but rather a fraud is being committed on this community by identified political activists who believe their intimidation will mean people are too frightened to go to the law or authorities.

That is why I am speaking out, to condemn this sort of activity and to reassure those individuals who are being targeted that it is their democratic right, enshrined in law, to vote for the candidate and party of their freely made choice. I hope the political party to whom these individuals are attached will now distance itself from their activities for the sake of our democracy.

Discrimination on grounds of race is unacceptable and intimidating people into doing so will not be allowed to go unchallenged. People need not fear this thuggery anymore. Lancashire Police will protect and fully support victims and vigorously investigate all complaints. People from within this community can have full confidence in our police and should not be frightened to come forward.”