Sajjad's Eid Al Adha message

Sajjad has recorded a message for all celebrating Eid Al Adha today

 "I am recording this message today from the European Parliament to wish everyone who is celebrating a heartfelt Eid Mubarak.

So many of the values of diversity of tolerance and of equality, that are enshrined in Islam and indeed were delivered innocent man by the prophet Muhammed on this very day many centuries ago, I see brought to bear here in the European Parliament on a daily basis.

In particular, we have so many refugees in Europe here today who are themselves actually Muslims and who ought to be celebrating Eid but instead are facing the most tremendous challenges.

It is important that based upon our humanity and based upon our values, today we do not forget them but that we try and deliver for them what we would wish for ourselves.

I wish you all a heartfelt Eid Mubarak."

Listen to Sajjad's Eid message by clicking on the photo below: