Sajjad welcomes Prime Minister's views on EDL extremists

Sajjad has welcomed comments by Prime Minister David Cameron in a letter to the President of the European Parliament, Jerzy Buzek.

"With the rising problem of extremism across Europe and the targeted attack on my home by the English Defence League, Prime Minister David Cameron has written to the President of the European Parliament" said Sajjad

In the letter David Cameron states:

“I was saddened to hear that the presence of EDL members outside Mr Karim’s home left him and his family feeling intimidated and harassed. The criminal behaviour seen at previous EDL demonstrations would leave any member of the community feeling vulnerable if the EDL were to suddenly protest outside their home.

"My views on the EDL are very clear – I strongly oppose any group that attempts to divide or intimidate communities. The UK Government is determined to tackle all forms of hate crime, including offences which are fuelled by religious hatred. Everyone should have the freedom to live their lives free from fear of targeted hostility or harassment on the grounds of their religion. We are taking action to ensure the criminal justice services and partners locally are equipped to prevent and tackle such targeted hostility. We have made it clear that those who commit those sort of crimes must be challenged and punished and those who suffer it must be protected and supported.”

Commenting in response Sajjad said "I welcome David Cameron’s timely comments about the EDL I am sure that if left unchecked the violent and intimidating activities of all extremists pose an unimaginable threat to our society.

“Mr Nick Griffin who is also, unfortunately, an MEP representing the North West has given his full support to the English Defence League following their targeting of my home. I hope we can all come together to ensure he is defeated in 2014 so that he is no longer a face of the North West to the world.