Sajjad welcomes Dayhulme Biomass plant postponement

Sajjad has welcomed today’s announcement that following discussions involving Trafford Conservatives and the Peel Group, plans to start construction at the Barton Renewable Energy Plant have been put back.

The delay follows a decision by Peel to investigate whether the biomass plant can be made to operate more efficiently by generating heat as well as electricity.

Peel secured planning permission for the plant on appeal from the Secretary of State. Their original application had been rejected by Trafford Council following strong opposition from local residents.

Saj has worked closely with Trafford Conservatives, Council Leader Sean Anstee and his predecessor Matthew Colledge, together with local champion and Conservative candidate, Lisa Cooke.

Commenting on the announcement Sajjad said ‘I welcome Peel’s decision to postpone the construction of the proposed biomass plant at Davyhulme

The Government is wisely seeking to secure our long term energy needs, encouraging the development of a wide range of electricity generating sources including renewables.

However, in this instance, for a number of reasons the proposed site is not suitable and above all, the views of local people must be paramount. That is why I have supported my constituents and the actions of a Conservative-controlled Trafford Council throughout this long process.

Peel is an important company to us here in the North West and a key employer, who have diverse interests across the region, and I am confident a more favourable outcome can be secured.

Conservative Leader of the Council Sean Anstee said: ‘I am pleased that Peel is reconsidering its plans. It demonstrates that Conservatives are able to influence Peel on behalf of residents in Davyhulme, Urmston and Flixton.

Our intervention and continued lobbying has delayed construction that otherwise would have started by now and presents a new opportunity to secure a better outcome for all.

Residents can be sure in the knowledge that a Conservative controlled Trafford Council is on the side of local people and will always stand up for their interests.’

Prospective Conservative MP for Stretford & Urmston Cllr Lisa Cooke, who has opposed the biomass plant from the outset was delighted with the news, and said
‘At a time when everybody expected work to start on the site and for the plant to be built, local Conservatives have reached a major milestone in delaying construction whilst other options are considered.

Trafford Conservatives have once again demonstrated that we are the only party locally to work hard and secure great outcomes like this, even if this meant standing up to our own Government or working directly with Peel Groups.’

A Peel Group spokesman said: ‘We have taken the opportunity to consider options for improving the sustainability of the scheme by the supply of heat to local developments and industry and will continue to work closely with Trafford Council officers and its senior elected members.’

This news comes alongside the announcement that Conservatives have delivered on their number one public transport priority by securing Metrolink through Trafford Park and to the Trafford Centre. This £350m scheme also includes a local contribution of £20m, a substantial portion of which is a contribution from Peel Holdings.