Sajjad leads MEPs' mission to boost EU-Indonesia trade talks

MEPs' mission has boosted EU-Indonesia trade talks

A major trade deal between the EU and Indonesia has edged closer following a visit by members of the European Parliament’s International Trade Committee.

Sajjad, who chaired this week's mission to Pekanbaru and Jakarta, believes it has injected impetus into negotiations for a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement between the EU and Indonesia. Talks were launched in July 2016.

Commenting on the Delegation visit he said: “This agreement has great potential. It will open doors for EU business to a dynamic market of more than 260 million consumers on one hand and bring investment, help transfer technologies and create wealth in one of the most dynamic ASEAN countries on the other.

“As legislators we want to guide this process along, to offer experience and guidance. It is more and more clear that it is not about what to do - both sides know this – but rather how to do it.”

Palm oil production, one of Indonesia’s most important industries, was one of the matters raised during the visit. The European Parliament has put pressure on Indonesia to make the sector more sustainable and halt forest destruction.

Sajjad went on to say that the discussions had increased understanding of the issue on both sides.

“We appreciate the tremendous importance of this industry for Indonesia and its citizens and the EU, as one of the largest importers of palm oil, has the same objective – to achieve sustainable production in the long term.

“We have to communicate and better understand each other and these trade negotiations can be an excellent platform to set new conditions and objectives for our trade in palm oil.”