Sajjad Karim’s message for Pakistan Day - 23rd March 2018

Sajjad’s message as broadcast on PTV today:

"Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the equivalent of a modern day overseas Pakistani at the time he started his journey to contribute towards finding Pakistan as a nation entity in its own right.

"He wanted to see a society which was open, tolerant and provided opportunity for all. Where everybody was equal. I myself have actually quoted him from the floor of this House as a beacon, not just for Pakistan but for all countries to follow and I really do long for the day when I see the realisation of the Quaid's Pakistan. 

"I long for the day when the children of bus conductors, bus drivers, taxi drivers, waiters, can within one generation  be sitting in the highest seats in Pakistan because the state has developed them into that position, where based upon their individual merits they have been able to achieve those highest positions.

"I believe it can happen and I believe it will happen. I know the resilience of the people of Pakistan and I know the tremendous ability that exists within the people of Pakistan. What they need is a belief and a vision. With the circumstances that are emerging in the world today no nation can survive unless it develops its people. And Pakistan is no different. I believe this can happen and Insh'Allah it will happen. 

"Long Live Pakistan!"