Sajjad Karim MEP signs EU resolution on the plight of Rohingya refugees

Sajjad who has been along standing campaigner for Rohingya rights – today signed a joint resolution on the plight of Rohingya refugees, including the mass gravesites recently discovered in southern Thailand.

The declaration, which was signed at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, was agreed upon by all parties, urging the Thai government and its officials to end any complicity with the criminal gangs trafficking Rohingya people, and other migrants in Thailand.

The motion also welcomes the long overdue statement by Aung San Suu Kyi’s opposition party, the National League for Democracy, on 18 May that the government of Burma should give citizenship to the Rohingya minority, who Sajjad has previously criticised for her silence on their suffering at a time when the EU was lauding her as a human rights defender.

It follows events at the beginning of May where the military-police discovered at least 30 bodies of ethnic Rohingya Muslims in a suspected human trafficking camp in the Sadao district of the Songkhla province close to the Thai-Malaysian border.

The resolution also calls on Thai authorities to hold immediate, full and credible criminal investigations into the mass graves of Rohingya Muslims, and if necessary with UN assistance, to ensure that those responsible are brought to justice.

Speaking on the issue, Sajjad said :

“These horrific events have brought to light a trafficking ring that is truly shocking to people across the world. The Rohingya have been leaving Burma in large numbers since an outbreak of violence in 2012 that claimed hundreds of lives and left neighbourhoods completely destroyed. The Burmese government have chosen to make the Rohingya stateless by arbitrarily depriving them of their citizenship and as a result continuing their suffering.

“By signing this joint resolution I hope to pressure the countries involved to take action towards ending these atrocities, but more importantly to end the persecution and discrimination of the Rohingya Muslims.”