Sajjad Karim MEP says he will continue to fight for a Europe that works for Britain

Sajjad has stated that the foundations of economic recovery for Britain will only be achieved through initiating change in the European Union.

Echoing comments by made by the British Prime Minister, David Cameron in his speech to Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, Saj said that Europe needs to wake up to economic reality and push towards a strategy of growth that will help Britain and other Member States.

Sajjad last week joined calls by the UK Government for the European Union to dramatically reduce the regulatory burden placed on our businesses and to help promote economic growth and jobs.  His recent ‘Smart Regs’ report adopted by the European Parliament deems it essential that costly and often unnecessary EU regulations on business are reduced or removed, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Speaking from Manchester, Sajjad said:

“The current economic situation affecting countries across Europe requires the EU to take quick,decisive action on promoting economic growth and helping our businesses to create jobs. It is not about increasing public expenditure, nor increasing taxes; it is about reducing excessive regulation and supporting business, which creates both jobs and wealth.

“The UK Government is leading the way in making tough decisions to cut our public expenditure and debt whilst fostering an environment based on free enterprise, free trade and value for money. Both I and my Conservative colleagues in the European Parliament will continue to vigorously push for the EU to follow the same direction.”

Sajjad also supported the Prime Minister’s comments that we should not prop-up any countries in the Eurozone through endless bailouts:

“Britain is thankfully not part of the single currency, so when the Conservative-led government in Britain is making tough but necessary decisions on the economy, we will not be bailing-out other European countries that have failed to get a grip of their own financial affairs.

“Problems in the Eurozone should be dealt with primarily by the Eurozone and I am pleased that the Government has extracted the UK from the permanent Euro bailout mechanism from 2013 onwards, which will ensure we are safe-guarding British taxpayers’ money in the future.”