Sajjad Karim MEP says EU needs to get serious about cutting business red tape

Sajjad has this week welcomed plans by the European Commission to help hundreds of small businesses in the region by potentially excluding them from future EU laws. However, he believes the plans do not go far enough.

Sajjad, who has continually called for the European Union to dramatically reduce the regulatory burden placed on our businesses, said the new plans that affect firms employing less than 10 people are just one step in the fight against unnecessary red tape damaging small enterprises across the North West.

Conservatives want a systematic review of all existing EU regulation which carries disproportionate red-tape costs in relation to the benefits it is supposed to deliver. They want the Commission to draw up a list of laws, such as the Working Time Directive, which are sapping Europe's global competitiveness and discouraging new business growth. These would then be reformed or repealed.

As the Conservative Legal Affairs Spokesperson in the European Parliament, Sajjad recently authored and presented a key report to the Parliament on ‘Smart Regulations’, which aim to reduce regulatory and bureaucratic burdens and their associated costs on British and other European businesses. The report was adopted by the Parliament.

Along with Conservative colleague, Malcolm Harbour MEP, Sajjad has called for a far more ambitious Commission agenda to cut business costs and drive economic growth.

Speaking from the Danish National Parliament, Copenhagen during a legal affairs committee visit ahead of the Danish Presidency next year, Sajjad said:

“Each week I visit businesses across the North West that are suffering in the current economic climate. Regulation weighs heavier on small firms as they have limited resources to deal with large legal and administrative costs.

“The European Union must therefore play its part in taking swift and decisive action on helping our small businesses grow and create jobs. A key way of achieving this is through reducing the unnecessary EU legislation that is currently holding back our businesses.

“When it costs €1600 more to set up a business in the EU that it does in the US or Brazil it essential that costly and often unnecessary EU regulations on business are reduced or removed to redress that balance.

“The latest plans by the European Commission are just one step in the fight against red tape, but they sadly do not go far enough. The EU needs to get serious about cutting the burden of its laws and regulations on our businesses and it can only do that by breaking its addiction to churning out new laws and aiming instead for a statute book that is relevant, targeted and clear”