Sajjad holds talks with President of Azad, Jammu Kashmir

Currently visiting the UK, President of Azad State of Jammu and Kashmir, Sardar Muhammad Masood Khan spent busy day in Northern England.

Sajjad was delighted to welcome the President to his home near Clitheroe. The two men discussed the latest situation of Indian Occupied Kashmir and other matters of mutual interest were also discussed. The President updated Sajjad on the current situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

Speaking following their discussions the President said “The Kashmiri people are very grateful to Sajjad Karim for raising the issue of Kashmir’s self-determination to his colleagues in the European Parliament and across the European Union.

“The recent escalation of violence in Kashmir has taken over 100 lives, with 15000 injured and left many hundreds losing their eye sights

“The irony is the fact is that international powers are so busy solving their self-inflicted issues that they are turning their eyes away from the atrocities committed by the Indians. Too busy looking toward business with India but ignoring their gross human rights violations.

“We are really indebted to Sajjad Karim for all his efforts and for keeping our issue alive in Europe, leaving no stone unturned in the highlighting danger of a nuclear zone in South Asia.”

Responding to the President Sajjad said: “I believe today there is an opening that wasn't there before. It is only through dialogue of exactly the sort that has taken place today that we can expect and hope to start sowing some of the seeds which can lead eventually to processes resulting in a much higher level of engagement between the people of Kashmir and the European Union.

“We are all extremely concerned by the ongoing reports of human rights abuses that we are receiving on a daily basis of a blatant disregard for basic human rights and standards with people suffering at the hands of Indian forces including the use of pellets and pellet guns.

“These activities cannot go unchallenged. A voice has to be raised about them. I thank you Mr President for taking the time out of such an extremely busy schedule and interacting with British parliamentarians, members of the European Parliament also and with diaspora of Pakistan and Kashmir and the local British population

He also stressed that as a country with historic links to this region, and as a member-state of UN Security Council, it was incumbent on Britain to urge India to end its human rights violations in IOK and to enter into a sustained dialogue process with Pakistan, so as to enable the two countries to peacefully resolve this long standing issue.

He assured the President of his full support for promoting the cause of Kashmir in European parliament.

The President went on to address a number of meetings of the Pakistani/Kashmiri community both in Bradford and Manchester. At the events he said that, Kashmir is burning once again and the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir are the victims of the worst form of Indian terrorism.

He stated that IOK is now going through one of the worst crises in its history. Kashmiris, young and old, men and women, in their own land are being killed, maimed, blinded, tortured, and hounded by the occupying forces.

He said that in IOK peaceful demonstrations are a crime, political meetings are banned and true Kashmiri leaders have been incarcerated. Free speech is a crime, voicing aspirations for the right to self-determination is felony and treason.

There is a gag order across the whole of Kashmir, with mobile telephone and internet blackouts in place