Sajjad congratulates Bolton school on work highlighting captive whales

Sajjad has congratulated Year 6 at Devonshire Road Primary School in Bolton for their work drawing attention to the plight of whales kept in sea parks.

The pupils turned down the chance of a trip to SeaWorld in America in favour of a visit to the European Parliament to protest against keeping killer wales in captivity.

Teacher Simon Hunt sparked the children's debate both for and against arguments around this topic when they were looking at a visit to Sea World. Commenting Simon said "The topic with my children that really sparked their minds and imagination, whilst also giving the children a purpose to write."

Sajjad heard about their work from Simon and has invited some of the pupils to Brussels to discuss the proposed Resolution on the captive display of Cetaceans,  currently being discussed by the European Parliament. He looks forward to hearing more about their work.

Their campaign, has been recognised by world's leading anti-captivity campaigners and organisations including Born Free Foundation and children’s authors. They have also done interviews with Sam Berg from the film Black Fish and local newspapers.

The Born Free Foundation promoted a video of the children reading the poetry they wrote about the the issue. This was also taken up by other web sites and has now had many thousands of viewings.

Their video highlighting the issue through their poetry can be seen here:


Sajjad sent pupils a Christmas video message recorded in Strasbourg last week and looks forward to visiting the school next year to tell them about his role as a Member of the European Parliament and You can watch it here: