Sajjad - "Change of language on Kashmir in EU evident"

Sajjad  today stated that a discernible shift in the European Union’s language has taken place in the latest development on the most recent situation in Kashmir.

Earlier this year, Saj wrote to High Representative Federica Mogherini raising concerns of human rights abuses in Kashmir. In her response, the Commissioner did not insert the usual statement that the EU cannot be involved unless and until both Pakistan and India request it to do so.

Equally, Federica Mogherini stated that the Kashmiri people must themselves be involved as much as possible. This is another movement towards strengthening the hand of the Kashmiris themselves.

The High Representative wrote in her letter:

“It is a longstanding position of the EU to support the reconciliation process between India and Pakistan over Kashmir, particularly through dialogue, and to call for the Kashmiri people themselves to be as involved as possible in this process. This position remains unchanged.”

Commissioner Mogherini also gave her reassurances on the EU continuing to monitor the situation in the region.

Speaking at the European Parliament in Strasbourg - in response to the letter - Sajjad said:

“The people of Kashmir must know their suffering is not going unnoticed. The very subtle language change by the European Union on Kashmir is actually very powerful.

“The omission of insistence of Indian request for EU involvement is not something I have ever witnessed before. Furthermore the involvement of Kashmiris themselves is once again highlighted, but actually strengthened.”