Sajjad calls on Eurozone to work together for a solution to crisis

Following last night’s high profile meeting of the Council of Ministers and the Eurozone summit, Sajjad has today called upon Eurozone countries to come together to find a solution to the crisis and for their leaders to be brave enough to take the steps that are required.

Speaking from Strasbourg, he said that "It is only right that Eurozone countries come together to find a solution because it is not just the Eurozone that is affected, but also those countries within the EU that aren't part of the Eurozone, we are immediately affected as well."

Sajjad is pleased that the Summit delivered some important decisions which address the most urgent issues currently facing the Eurozone, particularly in relation to the European banking sector returning to a more stable situation.

He has also emphasised how important it is to ensure that, as the EU evolves in the coming months, the UK does all it can to provide the right political support to the Eurozone nations, as the single market serves all 27 EU countries and not just those using the Euro.

To watch Saj's interview, click on the YouTube video below: