Sajjad battles against EU red tape - Smart Regulations report

nister Mark Prisk thanks Saj for promoting better Smart Regs in EP 

Conservative and ECR Legal Affairs Spokesman Sajjad Karim has presented a key report which has been adopted by the  European Parliament’s Plenary Session in Strasbourg.  The report on Smart Regulations looks at proposals to re

duce the legislative burden on British and other European  businesses.

In his speech Sajjad said the European Parliament, Commission and Council need to adopt a positive joint approach to the Smart Regulations agenda.  The present difficult economic circumstances are affecting our businesses, making it difficult to raise

capital and recruit a talented workforce.

Commenting on the report Sajjad said “The cost of setting up a business in Europe is four times the set up cost in the US, Brazil or India and the maze of regulations directly affects our citizens”

"The current regulatory framework continues to stifle business growth. The economic cost of holding up business with such bureaucracy is unsustainable. The increasing competitiveness of other countries, like India and China, who are breathing down our necks, make it essential that EU member states do all they can to support innovation, growth and foster economic competitiveness

"The EU needs to get serious about cutting the burden of its laws and regulations on businesses and individuals. It can only do that by breaking its addiction to churning out new laws.

"That means curbing its instinct to legislate on everything, and aiming instead for a statute book that is relevant, targeted and clear

A key demand is a "one-in, one-out" rule for new European legislation, requiring the EU to scrap at least one old and defunct piece of legislation if it wants to make way for any new piece of law.

The report requires European institutions to respect the principles of subsidiarity and supports the closer involvement of national parliaments in the European legislative process.

In a stark warning to Eurocrats, Sajjad said the EU is set to miss its target of reducing administrative burdens by 25 per cent by 2012.

The report demands: "All stakeholders must step up their game, not only to reach the 25 per cent goal, but also to reduce regulatory costs over the course of this Commission and indeed beyond 2014."

"Discrepancies in interpretation and the ´gold-plating´ of legislation are major issues that need to be addressed, primarily by member states in implementing and transposing legislation into national law but also by the Commission in its role as guardian of the treaties.

"Member states should therefore be required to justify their decision to introduce higher requirements in domestic legislation beyond standards set in EU legislation."

The report was well received and in response Sajjad said “It’s excellent to hear that the European Council shares "many tennants" of my report and it is positive news that the European Council is ensuring that smart regulation is more central to shaping European policies”