Sajjad - "Attack by Taliban on school in Peshawar is pure barbarism"

North West Conservative MEP and Chair of the European Parliament Friends of Pakistan Group,  Sajjad Karim MEP, has today condemned the horrific attack on a school in Peshawar, Pakistan where over 130 people have been killed.


 It is reported that mainly students were killed in the attack by the Taliban at an army-run school as five or six militants went from classroom to classroom indiscriminately shooting.

Speaking from the European Parliament in Strasbourg Sajjad said:

"Today, many students and teachers at a school in Peshawar had their lives brutally ended by the acts of a group of deranged extremists. This indiscriminate and horrific attack by the Taliban is an act of pure barbarism.

Yet again, the citizens of Pakistan saw true evil, the very worst of human nature. It now needs to respond with the best of Pakistan. To all those rescueworkers, ambulances and army personnel who are helping to end this tragedy, I salute you. And my thoughts and prayers are with everyone caught up in this situation."

Prime Minister David Cameron said in a tweet:

"The news from Pakistan is deeply shocking. It’s horrifying that children are being killed simply for going to school."

Watch Sajjad's comments on video here: