Saj visits Media City UK

Sajjad has this week visited Media City UK for an update on progress.

He was briefed by Director of Communications for Media City, Paul Newman as they toured the quay side community developed by the Peel Group.

The new home for the BBC and the University of Salford also has a Holiday Inn, Booths and dental practice.  ITV and Coronation Street will also be taking up residence.

Commenting on his visit Sajjad said:

“It's 15 months since my last visit and things have changed almost beyond belief. The completion of construction with the new tram stop and fantastic piazza means that people can quick access the site for work and leisure.

"Salford, Manchester and the whole of the North West can be proud of what is being achieved by the collaborative partners. Not just for the larger corporations involved but with the multitude of SMEs that are growing up around what is a global hub. What’s more, it’s working for the whole community”

(Left) Saj checks out the Tardis