Saj takes part in Euro debate on David Cameron's reform negotiations

Sajjad took part in a televised debate this week for one of the leading networks for EU news - Euranet Plus.


The discussion - which also included Polish MEP, Michal Boni (EPP) - focused on David Cameron's renegotiation efforts and this year's final summit in Brussels, where the Prime Minister is looking to achieve some sort of consensus between EU leaders.

Speaking on the referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union, he said:

"It really is absolutely knife edge at the moment as to what the British people will do and whilst Britain has to think about its future whether it is here in the European Union or apart from the European Union, the European Union also needs to think about its own future and what that will be like if the United Kingdom is not a member of the European Union. I think if both sides concentrate their minds to that, then we have every possibility and opportunity of arriving at a position that can be put to the British people that they will support."

Sajjad was also asked about Cameron’s demand to curb social benefits for European workers:

"The United Kingdom has always been the biggest supporter and proponent of the Single Market here in the European Union. We are very proud of the work that we have done to help achieve that, whether it's in goods; whether it's obviously in services now or the Digital Single Market, and of course we recognise that if you are to have the Single Market you need to have the ability for people to move, so nobody is questioning the right of people to move.

"What we are talking about here is not workers coming to the United Kingdom - we have no problem with that - the issue is the entitlements and benefits of certain people when they are not employed at a rate from which they can sustain themselves. We want people to come to work in the United Kingdom, but we want those people to be in jobs that are self-sufficient for them."

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