Saj speaks out in support of armed forces and PM’s Brexit negotiations

Sajjad recently spoke to 75 Conservative Party Members at an event held by the Clitheroe Branch of Ribble Valley Conservative Association at the home of Kevin Horkin who was the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate in the Hyndburn Constituency at both the 2015 and 2017 General Elections.

The event was attended  by members from Ribble Valley, South Ribble and Hyndburn Conservative Associations; Ribble Valley & South Ribble Borough Councillors and the respective leaders of Lancashire County Council: Geoff Driver & Ribble Valley Borough Council: Ken Hind plus the newly elected leader of South Ribble: Mary Green.

In a very forthright and honest talk Saj ranged across a number of subjects including the recent military intervention on humanitarian grounds in Syria; Brexit and the threat posed by Labour under Jeremy Corbyn.

Saj made clear his support for military action on humanitarian grounds and expressed his gratitude towards the armed forces pointing out the danger they faced and may have to do so again on our behalf. 

He stated, “We have been facing a tremendous challenge and we ought to be extremely grateful to the men and women of our armed forces who stood up for humanity on behalf of the United Kingdom.”

He continued, “They faced a very real danger on our behalf and may have to so again. Our thoughts are with them and we hope and pray whenever they are called to do their duty on behalf of the United Kingdom they remain safe and that they know we remain completely behind them as they face this peril on our behalf.”

Saj then went on to talk about what he dubbed, “The B Word - Brexit!” In a very honest fashion he stated, “We are currently negotiating and navigating a very complex minefield.”

He continued, ”It is a situation that requires a tremendous amount of attention to detail but also patience.”

His support for the Prime Minister, Theresa May was unequivocal. He stated, “I am giving my complete support to the PrimeMinister as she negotiates this very difficult minefield ahead of her and the 1 message I have,” and hear he communicated in a very personal way to his audience, saying, “I speak very openly as I speak to my fellow Conservatives in my own area and I can’t get any closer than that. “ (Saj lives in Simonstone in the Ribble Valley and is a Ribble Valley Conservative Association Member).

“Doing this we have to manage this process in a way to deliver the United Kingdom leaving the United Kingdom in a graduated fashion” He warned, “To think that we can just do this all in 1 go I am afraid is going to deliver consequences that are going to impact on our economy and elsewhere that are going to be incredibly difficult to face and manage.” 

“I think the more sensible approach to this is what our Prime Minister is trying to do which is to make sure she does this in steps, meaning there needs to be patience and understanding from all those who Involved”

He concluded his comments on Brexit by saying, “We are wher we are and I say that in the frankest way possible. So we are going to do this in a graduated fashion - that’s the bottom line.”

It was a very realistic assessment but as Saj look optimistically to the future he stated, “So I think in the last instance you can look forward to March the 29th next year.”

Saj left his most withering comments on Jeremy Corbyn to the end stressing the need for Party unity and loyalty. He robustly stated, “ Jeremy Corbyn as PM and his lot with their hands on power - the way that will come about is if people like me do not show loyalty to our PrimeMinister and if our political party is disunited.”

He continued, “I could never forgive myself if those circumstances came about because I have not shown the loyalty that was required.”

He powerfully concluded, “The interests of the United Kingdom and the interests of the Conservative Party are completely aligned and it is only if we are completely united that we will not put this country at peril.”

He ended with a stark warning, “Please do not let us do this.”

Ged Mirfin, Deputy Chairman (Political) states, “This was an extremely powerful speech from Saj which went down extremely well with Conservative Party Members who attended the fundraising event and his view was thoroughly endorsed by people in the room. We do not see enough of Saj because he is so busy but I look forward to inviting him to more events like this in the future.”