Ribble Valley residents agree that Brexit is not going well

Sajjad joined members of the Ribble Valley for Europe group when they recently brought their Brexitometer to Clitheroe town centre.

They were delighted with the response to their first Brexitometer with over 140 local residents taking part and many wide ranging views shared. But the overall result was that more than eight in ten people voted NO to the question “Is Brexit going well?” 

Similarly, they did not feel that Brexit would be “good for the UK”, “for Jobs” or “for the NHS”.

The majority of people agreed that whatever Parliament decided, the people should be given a vote on whether we should proceed with Brexit on the Prime Minister’s terms, crash out with no deal or decide that we would be better off staying in the EU.

There have been Brexitometers set up all over the UK with more than 650 results being posted with very similar views to the Ribble Valley.

Conservative MEP for the North West, Sajjad Karim, himself a Ribble Valley resident, joined the group encouraging people to write to their MP demanding a People’s Vote. 

Sajjad said, “It's great to see that the people of Ribble Valley are so engaged on such a vital issue for the area and the future of the country.”

“It is clear that more than two years later with greater clarity of the actual choices available, people wish to review their initial decision.”

“As an MEP for the Ribble Valley I will have a vote on Brexit in the European Parliament but I wish for my constituents to firstly have the right to express their views again based on where we are now.”