Pendle lad Sajjad’s life to be made into documentary

Local Member of the European Parliament, Sajjad Karim is currently being trailed by a TV producer from Pakistan. Abdullah Ahmed is visiting the UK to put together a documentary about Sajjad Karim. Saj was born in Blackburn, grew up in Brierfield and still lives in the area. The programme will cover all aspects of his life from childhood to his work today as an MEP representing the North West and the international trade negotiations he is involved with.

PTV is Pakistan’s equivalent of the BBC and broadcast widely across South Asia plus worldwide on satellite and the internet.

Filming in Brierfield, Nelson and Blackburn last weekend, Sajjad had a trip down memory lane when he visited Pendle Primary Academy in Brierfield. Walter Street Primary as it was then was his first school and this was his first return visit since 1980. He was greeted by Principle Simon Thompson and toured the school.

They went on to visit Marsden’s Solicitors a company Sajjad started with childhood friend Naseem Rachid.

Sajjad then caught up with some of his friends and colleagues serving on Pendle Council, where he was first elected aged 22. This included Conservative Group Leader Cllr Joe Cooney together with Councillors Nadeem Ahmed, Nawaz Ahmed and Councillor Mrs Pauline McCormick who also represented Brierfield at the same time as Sajjad.

They then went on to Nelson and Colne College where Saj studied his A Levels before going on to study Law at University in London. This was his second visit in recent years and discussions with Principle Amanda Melton and Vice Principle Paul Britton centred on changes at the College which is 50 years old this year and future plans.

Commenting on the documentary Sajjad said:

“I am really pleased that the programme will cover so much of my youth as well as the present day. I feel it is important Brierfield people to see the contributions made by our immigrant families to the United Kingdom and our local economy. We all owe Great Britain a great deal but it also shows what can be achieved with good local education and support.

Filming will also be undertaken in London and Brussels. The programme will be broadcast later this year.


Saj at Pendle County Primary School with Principle Simon Thompson

Pendle Councillors Joe Cooney, Nadeem Ahmed, Nawaz Ahmed and Mrs Pauline McCormick

Saj with Principle Amanda Melton and Vice Principle Paul Britton at Nelson and Colne College