MEP slams Labour councillors for ‘letting down’ residents over hotel demolition plans

Sajjad has slammed Wirral Labour councillors for ‘letting down’ residents in Pensby over plans to demolish a much-loved local building.

Following the rejection of their plans to build a 60-bed care home on the site of the former Pensby Hotel the developers appealed to the council planning department against Wirral Council’s decision.

However at the beginning of March they also filed a separate planning application to Wirral Council to demolish the existing building thereby creating a brown field site, which went unreported to local residents by the Labour councillors leading the fight against the redevelopment plans.

After failing to get the building designated an Asset of Community Value, the councillors assured residents that the hotel’s “non-designated heritage status” would protect the building during the appeal process and as such, the separate demolition application went unnoticed and uncontested. There is now little chance the building can be saved whatever the existing planning appeal outcome.

After visiting and speaking with concerned residents, Sajjad said: “I am shocked at the very poor manner in which my constituents in Pensby have been let down by the Labour-run local authority and local Labour councillors.

“The developers have been given permission to demolish this unique building by Wirral MBC, without the courtesy of informing local residents, even though councillors and council officers were well aware of the community’s strength of feeling against losing what has been a local focal point since the 1930s.

“I have enjoyed visiting the Pensby Hotel in the past and meeting with local residents recently. I know just how much local opposition there is to losing this building and I will continue to support my constituents in their opposition to this inappropriate development.”

Local campaigner and Conservative candidate for Pensby, Andrew Gardner said: “I’m devastated for the Save The Pensby Group. After 18 months of fighting, local residents have had the rug pulled from beneath them by inaction from Labour councillors. If this application would have been highlighted by those that knew, it would have at least meant the grand old building would not have gone down without a fight to save her.”