Karachi & Sindh crucial to GSP+ review process

Trade Chief MEP Sajjad Karim, met yesterday with the Governor of Sindh to discuss the importance of his province to the Generalised System of Preferences (GSP+) review process.

In a meeting at the Governor's House in Karachi, Pakistan, Dr Karim & Governor Zubair discussed the significance of how Karachi’s recent upturn in fortunes economically and as one of the country’s textiles hub will help contribute towards a successful GSP+ examination when the time comes.

2018 is so far being seen as a success for Karachi, with it experiencing a revival in many sectors. As the economic capital of Pakistan, it has seen businesses moving back or choosing to remain in the city after years of companies electing to relocate rather than stay.

The pair also discussed the importance of maintaining strong trade links between the UK and Pakistan after Brexit, as well as finding new partners within the EU as a bridge between the two.

Commenting on the meeting Dr Karim said:

“Governor Zubair and I had robust talks today discussing a range of issues that are of great significance to the UK, EU and Pakistan. Karachi has seen a positive surge in economic activity this year, which is highly beneficial to Sindh and the country as a whole.

“As the financial and industrial centre of Pakistan, Karachi will be crucial in contributing towards a positive outcome at the next GSP+ review process, with textiles being one of the major manufacturing sectors in Sindh.

“It is also vital that strong links between the UK and Pakistan are maintained following Britain’s departure from the EU and also that Pakistan forges new alliances within the EU, since the UK will no longer be able to act as a bridge between the two.

“I hope that today’s meeting will be one of many more to come and I look forward to a bright future between the UK and Pakistan, as well as for the EU and Pakistan.”

Dr Karim leads the South Asia Trade Monitoring Committee within the European Parliament and also Chairs the Friends of Pakistan Group.