Israel – Stop any misuse of EU Grants

Sajjad has written to the vice-president of the European Commission raising his concerns that the European Union’s grants is affecting the Israeli-Palestine dispute.

In a letter addressed to the high level representative for Foreign Affairs and security Policy, Federica Mogherini, he pointed towards the reported inappropriate  use by Israel of the EU grants.

Saj  maintains that it has come to his attention that the EU was unintentionally impacting the Israel-Palestine dispute through its research funding programme.

Sajjad said that for the rules of the Horizon 2020 programme give scope for Israeli participation and that the type of work undertaken by the companies participating in this grant would not include the Israeli occupied territories since June 1967. However, it is  disappointing that the EU seems unable to take any step to prevent the impact of the grant on the Israeli-Palestine dispute.

The letter says  that there is a danger that dual use goods such as drones, surveillance cameras and other protective equipment, developed under Horizon 2020, could be used in the Palestinian areas for the Israeli interests.

Sajjad pointed out that under the 2007-2013 research programme an Israeli defence company was working on four projects of 360 million Euros. In the meantime it participated in construction of wall by Israel as its subsidiaries purchased surveillance cameras.

There are fears that if special rules were not enforced on Israeli then such a situation may recur and misuse of the fund would continue under the new funding programme.

The Letter urged the High Representative to reflect on the possible consequences of EU funds being allocated to companies involved in the conflict and to take appropriate action on this issue.


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