International Women’s Day 2015

Since 1911 international Women’s Day has been celebrated on 8th March. Each year thousands of events take place worldwide to celebrate the achievements of women in all walks of life.

Throughout my professional and personal life I have been privileged to work and be acquainted with some remarkable women. From my Mum who came to Britain from Pakistan over 50 years ago and raised us all to respect women as strong, caring role models. Through Margaret Thatcher who was such a political influence. To young Malala Yousafsai who was shot and left for dead by the Taliban.

I was honoured to host her on a visit to the European Parliament. Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize last year, she continues her own studies and her tireless work to empower young women and girls through education to make the most of their challenges, opportunities.

Here in the UK we are on the cusp of a General Election. Whilst we have more female candidates than in previous elections, we have yet to attain gender balance. This can be best accomplished by encouraging women to become more involved in the political process and see community service as an elected representative at all levels, as a viable option.

“Make It Happen” is the theme for International Women’s Day 2015.

Whether male or female, we can all take every opportunity, not just today, to recognise and promote the economic, political and social achievements of women.