How will Saj vote on the opening of phase 2 talks with the EU?

Saj has recorded this short video to inform his North West constituents how he will be voting in this crucial debate at the Eur Par’s Plenary Session in Strasbourg tomorrow. 

Please watch the video. The transcript is below: 

“We have now presented to the European Parliament a further amended resolution on the negotiations between the UK and the EU regarding the exit of the UK from the European Union.

It is essential that we maintain the closest possible relations between the United Kingdom and the remaining countries of the European Union. There are of course those who are seeking to create real division and a gap between the United Kingdom and Europe. It is the sensual that we do not allow that to happen. That is why I shall certainly be voting for negotiations to proceed to the second round so that we can get on with dealing with the trade issues and other issues that remain unsettled at this moment in time, with a view to arriving at a final and positive outcome at the end of this process.

But democracy is a process not an event and this did not finish at the EU Referendum the UK. That is when the process started and The people of the United Kingdom have to remain engaged, they have to ensure that their elected representatives are aware about their feelings and those who are changing their view and changing their feelings must also allow their representatives to know this too.”