Going on holiday? Remember check your European Health Insurance Cards

Local Member of the European Parliament, Sajjad Karim, is warning people travelling to other Europe to check their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is valid.
Sajjad pointed out “The cards last five years so millions of these cards expire every year.  Obtaining a new or replacement card is free but there are various scam sites that are trying to charge for the card, so don’t be taken in”.
The card will ensure free or reduced-cost medical treatment throughout the EU for UK citizens. Without them holidaymakers risk paying huge bills if they need medical care whilst abroad.
“Scam websites offering an ‘express service’ to obtain the card have been set up and charge a fee” said Sajjad, “These websites will not speed-up the application process and you should only apply through the official NHS site and get the card for free. The card is easy to obtain but allow at least 10 working days between making the application and going on holiday.”
Sajjad has also reminded people not to forget the EU-wide emergency number:
“Don’t forget that if you dial 112 in any EU country, including from your mobile phone, you can reach the police, ambulance or fire services, with access to English speaking operators. It could save your life while travelling abroad this summer”
Note: further information on the EHIC is available here: http://www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/Healthcareabroad/EHIC/Pages/about-the-ehic.aspx