European Parliament approves plans to tackle wildlife trafficking on eve of World Wildlife Day

On the eve of World Wildlife Day, the European Parliament has approved proposals to use trade policy to tackle illegal wildlife trafficking put forward by Conservatives MEPs.

The report calls for improved use of customs technology at all stages of the supply chain and stresses the need for a coordinated international response to ensure the EU is in step with the World Trade Organisation and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

Commenting Sajjad said “On the eve of the World Wildlife Day, sends a strong message that we are serious about ending wildlife crime and that it remains a key political priority. This at a time when the scale of this crime is unprecedented and if this surge continues it threatens to overturn decades of hard won conservation gains.”

“Endorsing the report presented by my colleague Emma McClarkin MEP, will help to ensure the sustainability of wildlife so future generations are not deprived of the beauty and diversity of our environment."

It is estimated that the criminal activity has a value of between €8 and €20 billion a year. The illicit trade has a detrimental impact on the development of the rule of law and of good governance, leading to a dangerous destabilisation of the security of affected countries.