Sajjad has welcomed the Prime Minister’s confirmation that the promised referendum on out membership of the EU will be held on 23rd June.

Speaking on the announcement today Sajjad said:

“I congratulate David Cameron on the success of his negotiations with our 27 European partners and he has my wholehearted support in the campaign ahead.

“Let us be clear, he has succeeded on rewriting some fundamental perceptions of the EU, changing our family relationship for the better and for ever. He is the first Prime Minister for 40 years to seek such reforms and Britain now has new, preferable, terms of membership.

“The Prime Minister has also opened the door for a number of other counties who, like the UK, want to see a more flexible, open partnership.

“What David Cameron has accomplished means that we will never have to be part of those areas of the EU which don’t work for us including the Euro currency and we will be outside the commitment to “ever closer union”, plus our economy is protected and our immigration system fairer.

“Key areas of concern for many have been addressed and this new ‘special status’ means that we have a unique position taking advantage of the all benefits including free trade through the single market.

“Like any family, it’s not perfect but we have already been changing key aspects relating to the powers of the Commission. As Conservative Legal Affairs Spokesman, I have been working to support the Prime Minister’s reform agenda and we have succeeded in introducing positive steps to return powers back to national governments. This work is on-going and reforms will continue.

“The world is a very uncertain place. We are struggling to cope with migration and fighting terrorism at levels higher than in living memory. Working together we are stronger and can face these challenges far more effectively.

“The choice for the British people is whether to secure our long term future on these better terms, or take the risk of leaving and having to then renegotiate trade with European markets on terms we have no influence in.


“For me the choice is clear, I’m backing our Prime Minister and backing Britain being stronger and safer as part of a reformed European Union.