Conservatives back greener cars without driving manufacturers out of business

MEPs agreed a deal with the Council of Ministers that will significantly cut car emissions without crippling Europe's downtrodden car industry.
A deal was agreed that would require carmakers to reduce emissions by 18 per cent over the next six years. CO2 emissions will be reduced to 130g per Km between 2012 and 2015, rather than by 2012 as originally proposed. A long-term target of 95g by 2020 will also be introduced.
Conservatives also put their foot down to defend a special clause for niche manufacturers such as Jaguar-Lang Rover. Under the agreement reached, these manufacturers will still have to reduce their emissions more than an average car manufacturer, but not by the crippling levels that would have been foreseen. Conservatives also helped secure an exemption for LTI, which makes the iconic London taxi cabs.