Local News

Sajjad takes up case of Qasim Akram with Saudi officials

Sajjad yesterday met with a delegation from Saudi Arabia to discuss the tragic case of Qasim Akram, a constituent from Bolton who was tragically killed on 11th September, along with 106 other people, when a crane collapsed in the Muslim holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia

Saj presents town of Burnley with prestigious European Diploma

Burnley put out the flags, literally, on Saturday as Burnley Twinning Association, in conjunction with Burnley Central Library, welcomed local residents and representatives from their twinned town Vitry-sue-Seine to a very special ceremony.

EU Referendum debate takes off in Lancashire

With the Conservative Government having pledged a referendum by the end of 2017, Saj will join Labour and UKIP MEPs in front of an audience of Lancashire businessmen and women to discuss the UK’s role in the Europe Union.

Saj warns about scams and con tricks

July is Scams Awareness Month and Sajjad is highlighting how individuals and small businesses get conned by clever tricks that can leave them thousands of pounds out of pocket.