European News

Saj meets with new Prime Minister Theresa May

Sajjad and his Conservative European Parliamentary colleagues yesterday met Prime Minister Theresa May at 10 Downing Street for an hour long meeting on the future direction of UK policy in Europe.

Brexit - where now?

The British people have made a choice by a small margin to leave the EU after four decades of overall economic growth within it. There is no certainty to where exactly it leaves us now, with Brexit meaning different things to different people including those who advocated for it.

Essay competition winners George and Jessica visit the European Parliament

Last week, Sajjad had two young constituents in his Parliamentary office in Brussels gaining a week’s work experience. Jessica Keenan from Westholme School in Blackburn and George Marston from Nelson and Colne College, which Sajjad attended himself, had both won essay competitions, to gain this unique insight into the European Parliament.


Today we all have a unique opportunity to take a decision about the long-term future of our country.    

Referendum Round UP

Throught the European Referendum Campaign Saj has travelled the length and breadth of his North West constituency and further afield, to spread the positive message of why we should remain part of our EU family.  

Commonwealth or the EU?

Nigel Farage speaking on BBC1’s Newsnight last year in the run up to the 2015 General Election.“I have to confess I do have a slight preference. I do think, naturally, that people from India and Australia are in some ways more likely to speak English, understand common law and have a connection with this country than some people that come perhaps from countries that haven’t fully recovered from being behind the iron curtain.”