Saj welcomes John Dwyer as Cheshire PCC Candidate

Sajjad has welcomed the selection of  former Assistant Chief Constable, John Dwyer as the Conservative candidate to contest the Cheshire Police and Crime Commissioner elections in November.

New Manchester Branch for North West Blood Bikes

North West Blood Bikes - the name could have gruesome connotations but in fact this charity provides a much needed service to our NHS, delivering urgently needed blood, drugs, human tissues and other medical requirements between hospitals and blood transfusion banks primarily but not exclusively in the North West region of England.

Ministerial support for Sajjad's Better Legislation report

Mark Prisk MP, Minister of State for Business and Enterprise, has written to Sajjad welcoming the proposals in his draft report on Better Legislation which was presented to the European Parliament's  Legal Affairs Committee at the end of May.

Sajjad welcomes greater EU trade access for Pakistan

Sajjad has strongly welcomed plans of a new comprehensive trading scheme which should allowPakistan greater access to EU markets. The "Generalised System of Preferences" (GSP) scheme allows developing countries to pay lower import tariffs on some or all of their exports to the EU.

Saj backs new EU Consumer Agenda

Saj has this week given his support to a new EU agenda setting out a range of initiatives to improve consumer confidence when buying from other countries within the Single Market. The agenda also aims to increase cross-border economic activity and boost economic growth across Europe.

Statement by Sajjad Karim on the massacre in Houla, Syria

"The brutality of the Syrian government appears to know no bounds. With over 100 people massacred, of which 49 were children, by Syrian armed forces in the town of Houla, Syria last Sunday, this is the unfortunate wake up call needed to step up the sanctions on Bashar Al-Asad. No words can appropriately describe the wickedness of this act.