Saj backs new EU Consumer Agenda

Saj has this week given his support to a new EU agenda setting out a range of initiatives to improve consumer confidence when buying from other countries within the Single Market. The agenda also aims to increase cross-border economic activity and boost economic growth across Europe.

Statement by Sajjad Karim on the massacre in Houla, Syria

"The brutality of the Syrian government appears to know no bounds. With over 100 people massacred, of which 49 were children, by Syrian armed forces in the town of Houla, Syria last Sunday, this is the unfortunate wake up call needed to step up the sanctions on Bashar Al-Asad. No words can appropriately describe the wickedness of this act.

Sajjad on City Talk Radio

Sajjad's interview with Liverpool broadcaster Larry Neil, will be on City Talk Radio this  Sunday, 20th May at around 9.18am on 105.9FM. You can listen live here

Sajjad welcomes Vauxhall Jobs Boost

Sajjad has this week welcomed a major economic boost to the region following the announcement that Vauxhall is to build the new-generation Astra at its Ellesmere Port factory from 2015.

Saj welcomes lower European mobile costs in time for summer holidays

Saj has today welcomed new EU legislation to make mobile phone calls and roaming data-downloads much cheaper for North West holiday-makers and business travellers in Europe. He says the move is a positive step in the fight against excessive charges and a positive example of how the European Union can help its citizens.

Clarification regarding EDL demonstration

Last July Sajjad and his young family were subjected to a vile and racist protest outside their Lancashire home. Readers of this website will know that 12 members of the English Defence League pleaded guilty for actions that day that included other unaceptable behaviour.