Backing European Parliament’s call for better labelling on processed food

Sajjad and his Conservative colleagues are backing the European Parliament’s calls for the Commission to introduce new measures to improve labelling on foodstuffs containing processed meat.

The measures, if pursued by the European Commission, would oblige producers of processed products such as lasagne and cottage pies to give clear information on labels about the country of origin of the meat content.

Conservative MEPs are supporting the measures as a major step forward for transparency and consumer choice.

Research carried out by the European Commission suggests that more than 90% of consumer respondents consider it important that meat-origin should be labelled on processed food products.

Commenting on the proposals Sajjad said: “We all recall the horse-meat scandal  in 2013 which was down to fraud rather than a lack of labelling. However, it highlighted that consumers want to have the fullest information that is practically possible about what they are eating and where it comes from.”

“Clearly farmers and consumers want to see extended and more accurate country of origin labelling. This will help producers promote high-quality British food, and enable consumers to make informed decisions.

“Conservatives in The European Parliament believe this greater transparency in the food supply chain will help restore consumer confidence and trust.”