The 3Rs - Let the debate begin!


Sajjad has welcomed the Foreign Office's first report from its on-going Review of the Balance of Competencies. The results give a clear indication that membership of the EU is good for Britain.

The Review, which commenced last autumn, covers many areas of the UK’s workings within the EU and is the first step towards a debate about whether Britain should remain a member of the 28-nation European Union. “I strongly support the Prime Minister in his efforts to change the EU to make it work better for Britain.” said Sajjad.

“Indeed since September 2012, I have emphasised what I call the three R’s for the EU - Review, Reform and Referendum. “These initial results which are the first in a series of detailed reports running to late 2014, are already demonstrating that whilst last year we were talking about a review of the UK’s relationship with the EU, the agenda has moved on.

“Europe is moving in the direction of reformers like David Cameron and a reform of the whole EU is now more a probability than a possibility. Something unheard of 12 short months ago."

“Look further afield and our international colleagues, countries such as Australia, Japan and the US, have all assured Williams Hague that they support the UK’s agenda and wish to see the UK continue as a strong voice paying a major role in the EU."

“Our country needs an informed debate before any referendum, but first we need to define exactly what sort of European Union we will be voting to be “In or Out” of.

“I have always put forward my views on the EU, most of which are very Eurosceptic, in a positive manner and people who know me know I have a strong belief that our membership is of great benefit to our country. But this does not mean I do not accept there is a broad church of views within both the Conservative Party and our electorate as a whole.

“I defend the rights of those who have a very different view to mine. However, what I cannot accept is a minority of individuals across the political spectrum, who, in their narrow field of vision are unwilling to accept the views of others and are attempting to shut down any form of rational debate on the issue.

“Their refusal to engage in informed debate and their attacks on those they disagree with is holding Britain back.  We are now at a situation where some people are too frightened to stand up and disagree with this minority. This is detrimental for Britain’s future.

“We need a new European Union.  One fit for today. I say let us take the lead in forging it. -



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