Europe in the North West

The North West of England receives millions of pounds worth of funding from the European Union every year. The EU is an important source of funding for the region and helps to promote economic regeneration; encourage the growth of new markets as well as create new business opportunities for our companies; jobs for our citizens and subsidies for our farmers through the Common Agricultural Policy.

The levels of bureaucracy may seem daunting but the value of these funds can be significant. The money released is available to assist many organisations including SMEs and microenterprises, volunteer groups, educational institutions and technology start-ups.


Background to funding

Every seven years the European Union sets a budget framework regulating how much it is to spend during that period; this is called the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF). The current MFF covers the period 2014 to 2020 and amounts to €960bn, much of this being divided up into the various programmes listed in this booklet.

From this seven year budget, EU funding is allocated annually to each of the main EU policy areas, such as cohesion, agriculture, research, culture, etc. The MFF’s priorities and funding levels must be adopted with the consent of EU Member States through the European Council and by MEPs in the European Parliament.

The Commission awards this money in the form of grants to implement projects or activities in relation to European Union policies. The grant beneficiaries are mainly private or public organisations, and occasionally a specific individual.  Since grants cover a very diverse range of fields, the conditions that need to be fulfilled vary from one sector to another. However, some basic principles apply in every case.

  • The EU does not finance projects for 100% of their cost. It always requires a certain degree of match funding.

  • Funding a project can only be used in order for it to break even financially; it cannot lead to a profit for the beneficiary.

  • Funding cannot be rewarded retrospectively.

  • Normally only one grant can be awarded for a single project.


Applying for Funds - Sajjad's Guide to Sourcing EU Funding in the North West

Looking to secure EU funding? Then look no further.

As many people find it difficult to access EU funding, with the main problem being a lack of information, Sajjad has produced a booklet outlining the main sources of funding available to organisations and individuals in the North West region.

The booklet provides a brief background and contact details for the main sources of funding. It is hoped the information provided goes some way to helping you find the financing you are looking for and assists you in getting as much money as possible back into our region.

Please click on this link to open a PDF copy of Saj's 'Guide to Sourcing EU Funding':