Sajjad‘s work on Human Rights

Since his first election to the European Parliament in 2014, Sajjad has always spoken up for Human Rights across the world.

Sajjad campaigned for many years to have Islamophobia recognised and his hard work finally paid off when First Vice-President of the Commission Frans Timmermans recognised it as a serious issue at at the First Annual Colloquium on Fundamental Rights in 2015.

Sajjad is also Vice-President of the European Parliament’s Anti-Racism and Diversity Intergroup (ARDI). Specifically, he is Chair of ARDI's Anti-Islamophobia Working Group, which discusses the root causes of and strategies aimed at overcoming discrimination against the Islamic community in Europe.

Throughout 2016 and 2017, the importance of Sajjad’s work in protecting human rights and fighting Islamophobia became apparent as European Muslims faced mounting challenges. He has voiced concern on issues ranging from the ECJ ruling on the right to wear the hijab in the workplace, to the hostile environments faced by Muslims in day to day life.

In 2018, Sajjad and ARDI made headlines as they challenged hate speech in the European Parliament itself, calling for the strongest measures to be taken against disgraceful comments by far-right MEP.

The importance of Sajjad’s work opposing hatred has only increased over recent years and he is proud to have openly fought against increasing intolerance in our societies.