Sajjad’s European Parliament Presidential campaign heats up

As the Conservative ECR candidate in the race to become the next President of the European Parliament, Sajjad Karim, ignited his campaign on social media this week.

The North West MEP, who has a wide following on Twitter and Facebook, posted key messages on his social media pages highlighting his campaign platform of reform and delivery.

Sajjad actively uses social media to highlight his work in the European Parliament and in his constituency, and uses it to connect with voters. Earlier this year Sajjad was nominated in the Annual MEP awards for ‘Best use of Social Media’.

Today he said:

“Social media is one of the best ways to disseminate information. I use it regularly to highlight my work in Brussels and the North West, and it enables me to connect with more constituents.

“As my campaign bid goes from strength to strength, Twitter and Facebook are two useful tools which I am using to highlight the key messages of my campaign. I believe that it is time for reform, transparency and to reconnect with voters.”

Sajjad will be posting his campaign video, photos of MEPs supporting his campaign and key campaign slogans using the hashtag #Yesitstime.

Follow Sajjad Karim on Twitter (@shkmep), Facebook (Search ‘Sajjad Karim MEP) and his website (

Pres flyer master  p1_low res

Pres flyer master  p2_low res