Sajjad : ‘Honoured to be appointed to new panel’

North West MEP and ECR Legal Affairs Spokesman Sajjad Karim is one of only five MEP’s to be appointed to ┬áthe panel to police the new code of conduct for European politicians.

The new rules came into force on January 1st and strengthen and clarify existing rules. The Constitutional Affairs Committee have compared the new rules with national equivalents and feel they are guaranteeing the highest level of transparency. Members of the new panel have been appointed by the Parliament’s President.

Sajjad said, “It is a great honour to be appointed to the new panel and an equal honour to have the confidence of my peers.”

“We demand transparency from members right across the continent. The code of conduct will provide a strong shield against unethical behaviour. There is an explicit ban on receiving payments or other rewards, clear rules on the acceptance of gifts and former MEPs who work as lobbyists. Much criticism of elected members is unfair but citizens need to have confidence in both parliament and parliamentarians and this new code will go a long way to achieving that.”

The Advisory Committee Sajjad will sit on will provide guidance to MEPs and advise the Parliament’s President on what steps to take in the event of alleged breaches of the code.