Sajjad appointed to report on better law-making in the EU

Sajjad has this week been appointed as the European Parliament Rapporteur on a new report which will look at ways of further improving the law-making process in the European Union.

The report will focus on subsidiarity and proportionality in the EU law-making process and will look at how these principles are implemented by different institutions, which include the Commission, the European Parliament, the Council and the Committee of the Regions.

The report will present in more detail some initiatives which have raised subsidiarity issues and also examine how the subsidiarity control mechanism of national Parliaments, which was one of the innovations introduced by the Lisbon Treaty,  has been implemented.

As Conservative Legal Affairs spokesperson, Sajjad’s appointment to this brief follows his previous role as the European Parliament rapporteur on ‘Smart Regulation’. Sajjad presented this key report to the European Parliament in September, which aims to reduce
regulatory and bureaucratic burdens and their associated costs on British and other European businesses. The report was adopted by the Parliament.

In this new report Sajjad will continue to focus on how it is vital to reduce the burdensome legislation that continues to restrict European business from being at the forefront of innovation in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. He will also maintain his focus on reducing the regulatory burden that is placed on our businesses – especially SMEs – that will help to promote economic growth and jobs.