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Saj awarded Pakistan’s highest honour

Last night North West MEP, Sajjad Karim,  was  formally notified that he has been awarded Pakistan's highest national honour to non-Pakistanis for services which have helped Pakistan. He is one of only two people to receive the award this year. The Sitara-i-qaid-i-Azam has been awarded to Saj for his services to strengthen Pakistan/UK and … [Read More...]


Message to British Pakistanis on Pakistan Independence Day

Today Pakistanis the world over turn their minds and hearts to their country of origin as Pakistan celebrates the 68th anniversary of becoming a sovereign state in 1947. But Independence Day is not just about our independence from British rule at that time. Today, as British Pakistanis, we also celebrate the unique close relationship of our two … [Read More...]


Commemorating the outbreak of the First World War

Today marks the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War that was to become known as the Great War. This War to End All Wars was to last 4 years and 3 months. Young men signing up as volunteers expected to be home by Christmas but before long all the world's major economic powers had been drawn into taking sides in a conflict that was to … [Read More...]

Palastine Children

EID MUBARAK from Sajjad and Team Karim

As the most challenging Ramadan I can remember comes to an end, as a parent, in this world full of strife, I particularly think about the suffering of children in Gaza, Syria and Kashmir. These children represent the future of their countries and their young lives are being torn apart. Take a moment to watch this Channel 4 report on the … [Read More...]

Iftar lightened

Iftar Supper in Chester

The Islamic holy month of Ramadan has been celebrated in Chester with a sunset Iftar supper, hosted by Chester MP Stephen Mosley and Sajjad Karim.  Sajjad and  Chester MP Stephen Mosley were joined by members of the Shah Jalal Mosque in Blacon for the breaking of the fast at the Chester Tandoori restaurant in Brook Street, Chester.  Ramadan is … [Read More...]


Going on holiday? Remember check your European Health Insurance Cards

Schools across the North West have broken up for the Summer holidays and this week will be the busiest for our regional airport in Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds. But many people setting off on on their long awaited summer break forget a vital holiday essential. Local Member of the European Parliament, Sajjad Karim, is warning people travelling … [Read More...]

Palestinian hopelessness & helplessness is biggest recruiting tools for extremists

"Hopelessness and Helplessness of Palestinians acts as biggest recruiting tool for extremists" Sajjad Karim MEP  Speaking from the European Parliament in Strasbourg Sajjad Karim MEP stated, "The international community has yet again demonstrated it's inability to prevent the most horrific carnage that is unfolding on tv screens across the … [Read More...]