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Going on holiday? Remember check your European Health Insurance Cards

Schools across the North West have broken up for the Summer holidays and this week will be the busiest for our regional airport in Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds. But many people setting off on on their long awaited summer break forget a vital holiday essential. Local Member of the European Parliament, Sajjad Karim, is warning people travelling … [Read More...]

Palestinian hopelessness & helplessness is biggest recruiting tools for extremists

"Hopelessness and Helplessness of Palestinians acts as biggest recruiting tool for extremists" Sajjad Karim MEP  Speaking from the European Parliament in Strasbourg Sajjad Karim MEP stated, "The international community has yet again demonstrated it's inability to prevent the most horrific carnage that is unfolding on tv screens across the … [Read More...]

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Sajjad appointed Parliamentary Watchdog Chief

President European Parliament Martin Schulz  "I reappoint Sajjad Karim as Chairman of my Advisory Committee" Blackburn born North West MEP Dr Sajjad Karim was today re-appointed as Chairman of the European Parliaments powerful Code of Conduct President Advisory Committee. After a hotly fought Presidential election where Sajjad Karim ran … [Read More...]

EU status quo unite to stop reform agenda – President elected in a ‘stitch-up’

During his recent campaign as a Presidential candidate Sajjad  exposed the democratic sham of the European Parliament Presidential elections as MEPs vote to re-elect German MEP Martin Schulz in what many are calling a 'stitch-up'. In spite of the stitch-up, Sajjad who came second in the Presidential race, surpassed expectations and received 101 … [Read More...]

MEPs need a real debate

“The format of debates in the European Parliament is long, rigid and only useful as TV soundbites” says Sajjad who is standing for election as President of the European Parliament. Sajjad, who is seeking to replace Martin Schulz as the next President of the Parliament, will propose sweeping new reforms which would create a more fair and … [Read More...]

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Sajjad’s European Parliament Presidential campaign heats up

As the Conservative ECR candidate in the race to become the next President of the European Parliament, Sajjad Karim, ignited his campaign on social media this week. The North West MEP, who has a wide following on Twitter and Facebook, posted key messages on his social media pages highlighting his campaign platform of reform and … [Read More...]

Sajjad Karim serious on clamping down corruption with new intake of MEPs

Newly elected Members of the European Parliament from all 28 EU member states, as well as existing members, will now have greater access to information on how to abide by the Parliament’s strict rules on dealing with issues such as declaring gifts or reporting potential conflict of interests. Sajjad currently chairs the Advisory Committee on the … [Read More...]