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Saj warns about scams and con tricks

July is Scams Awareness Month and Sajjad  is highlighting how individuals and small businesses get conned by clever tricks that can leave them thousands of pounds out of pocket.  Often victims are too ashamed to report what’s happened to them and fraudsters thrive on this as keeping quiet often means that scams continue to spread.  If people … [Read More...]


Manchester celebrates Sajjad Karim S.QA. MEP and World Champion boxer Amir Khan

A gala dinner was arranged by the Lal Qila Group in Manchester on 7 June to celebrate the award of Sitara-i-Quaid-i-Azam to Sajjad Karim, Member of the European Parliament and Sitara-i-Imtiaz to Amir Khan, World Champion boxer. The ceremony was conducted by Dr Parwaz, Aasiya Suman and Maria Khan, and was attended by many leading figures … [Read More...]


Sajjad is supporting the Compassion in World Farming's campaign to end the export of live animals from the EU. Along with a number of his colleagues in the European Parliament he has had his photograph taken with the CWF sign to demonstrate support. When animals leave the EU they are no longer protected by EU law, and so often face brutal … [Read More...]


Sajjad Karim MEP signs EU resolution on the plight of Rohingya refugees

Sajjad who has been along standing campaigner for Rohingya rights - today signed a joint resolution on the plight of Rohingya refugees, including the mass gravesites recently discovered in southern Thailand. The declaration, which was signed at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, was agreed upon by all parties, urging the Thai government … [Read More...]

Digital Single Market debate

Cumbria’s MEP highlights success of Connecting Cumbria Superfast Broadband

Sajjad Karim who represent Cumbia as part of his North West constituency, has spoken in the European Parliament on the importance of the Digital Single Market. Speaking yesterday in the Parliament's Plenary session in Strasbourg, Sajjad cited the success of the Connecting Cumbria project as positive example of how the Digital Single Market can … [Read More...]


Support for honesty for all who want Postal Votes

Sajjad's comments regarding postal vote fraud in Lancashire, particularly Pendle, have been supported by other politicians. Local and national media have given the issue considerable coverage including local Pendle newspaper, the Nelson Leader. It's clear that highlighting the issue has had a positive feedback with many electors reassured by this … [Read More...]



This week thousands of postal votes will be dropping through electors letterboxes across Lancashire for both the General Election and local government elections. Lancashire based Sajjad has expressed concerns about vote fraud across the county, calling on local Police to act to protect electors to ensure they are able to complete their own vote … [Read More...]