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Tell voters the real story about migration and kept hysteria out of the debate

Writing for the Independent of Sunday, Sajjad calls for a commonsense approach to EU migration Calls for a clampdown on migrants coming to the UK have once again propelled immigration on to the front pages. Immigration is indeed an important issue, but the confused hysteria that mixes rights of movement of people with asylum and immigration does … [Read More...]

Sajjad discuses the new report with the FSB's Jayne Almond and Norman Mackel, together with Gabriel Goucha MEP, who is a Board member of ESBA, the FSB’s European associate organisation and a member of the High level group

Top EU body backs Conservative agenda of cutting red tape

A top EU body tasked with reducing regulatory burdens on business has today backed a Conservative agenda to exempt smaller businesses from a raft of EU laws. Proposals that were initially put forward by Conservative MEP and Legal Affairs spokesman Sajjad Karim have been supported in a report published by the European Commission’s High Level … [Read More...]


Sajjad welcomes UK Parliament vote in favour of recognising Palestinian state

Sajjad  has welcomed the House of Commons symbolic vote to recognise the state of Palestine. 274 MPs voted for the motion and only 12 against.  Whilst the vote, which followed a five hour debate, will not decide Government policy on the Israel Palestine conflict, it is a measure of the strength of feeling on both sided of the … [Read More...]


MEPs Code of Conduct ensures accountability and transparency

Gifts, third party expenses and income received outside of an MEPs' salary - all  now need to be declared online for all to see. These are just some of the procedures undertaken by the ethics and transparency watchdog of the European Parliament which Sajjad is currently leading. Further measures are to be introduced to ensure that the work of … [Read More...]

Saj with Baroness Susan Williams at the Eve of Poll #DayOfUnity rally on 17th Sept.

Scotland rejects independence but where next for the rest of the UK?

This morning we woke up to a United Kingdom and our 300 year old marriage intact with an agreement from all the 3 main political parties to recognise that 45% of Scottish voters want change. The people Scotland have spoken with a clear 10% majority in favour of keeping our family of nations together and David Cameron has pledge to deliver this … [Read More...]

Scottish independence would mean less freedom, not more

Writing for Huffington Post: This week will see one of the most important referendums in recent British history. Scotland will go to the polls on September 18th to vote on whether to stay part of the Union or become independent. In an election all leaders agree there will be no turning back from, it is all the more crucial that objectivity is … [Read More...]

Sajjad appointed European Parliament Chairman of South Asia monitoring group

Sajjad has been appointed Chairman of the South Asia Monitoring group in the European Parliament’s International Trade committee. The position of Chairman can be used to develop future trade agreements between the EU and countries such as Pakistan and Bangladesh. Saj, who is Chairman of the European Parliament Friends of Pakistan group … [Read More...]